communicating face to face, perhaps sharing lunch along with ideas on what photos work best or where we should place an ad, we text, we email, we call each other.

We are a series of newsrooms of one.


We have all worked from home at one time or another. Sometimes we’re under the weather. Other times we have things that come up in

Fortunately, we have the resources to do our job thanks to Jim Defreitas, our IT specialist, who gave us the capacity to remote in and put out the paper.

And that’s what we’ve been doing. Every day, we keep our website fresh and current. We are producing stories generated by the staff, including this piece 카지노안전 you are reading, providing unique content you won’t find anywhere else.

The scope of the coronavirus pandemic is no three-day surface scrape that heals with a glob of ointment and an off-brand adhesive bandage.

The cuts of the COVID-19 outbreak are the ones that leave scar tissue — from sharp economic fallout to a strained health care system and an assault on our general livelihood, these are the weeks that can shape lifetimes.

The same could be holding true in pockets of the sports gaming industry, which has gone to unprecedented lengths the past couple of weeks to offer action to an insatiable public as it treats the gaping wounds of an empty March.

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